Neck Rejuvenation in Winter


The cold winter winds are upon us early this year, so please protect your necks by wrapping them in warm scarves and applying plenty of daily moisturiser and quality skin-care. Our necks are a part of the body that ages quickly and, if not looked after and treated, can create a discrepancy with the apparent age of our faces. 

The skin on the neck is thinner and more delicate.  It has fewer hair follicles and oil-glands to keep it naturally plump and hydrated, so the neck is prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles earlier.  It is often neglected too when it comes to sun protection and nourishment with good skin-care products.

Common complaints concerning the neck include:

  • sagging loose skin,

  • lines and wrinkles,

  • thinning crepey skin,

  • chin fat,

  • turkey neck,

  • red and brown pigment changes.

While the best prevention and treatment for fighting an aging neck is a daily beauty regimen, winter is the perfect time to start a neck treatment regime.  Even if you’ve ignored your neck your whole life, certain products and procedures can help restore a youthful look and prevent your neck from revealing your age.
Here at the Bradford Clinic, we have an assortment of treatments for the neck including:

  • IPL

  • Fraxel

  • e-Two sublative

  • anti-wrinkle injections

  • fine dermal fillers

  • fat dissolving injections

  • ultherapy (skin tightening)

  • collagen stimulation with PRP, mesolactone threads and radiesse

  • pigment laser

  • hydrating injections

Because we all have different neck problems to be addressed, an individualised programme can be prescribed especially for you. 

Dr Julie

Bradford Clinic