FITgenes Program

Introducing the World's Most Advanced Approach to Healthy Living: Healthy Ageing

The FITgenes program is based on the science of how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with genetics to influence how effectively our bodies function.

The Fitgenes program of personalised genetic profiling which focuses on the genes that support health and well-being, as these genes can be modified by lifestyle choices.  

This means that whilst our genes can't be changed, we can compensate for their effect and this is the key to managing their influence on our health and well-being.

Fitgenes programs are not a one size fits all approach.  They are personalized through The Bradford Clinic no matter your age, gender or desired health goals and are based on the science of how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with your genes to influence how effectively your body is functioning.

This process of personalised genetic profiling examines the genes responsible for our general health and well-being and offers you:

  • Customised health and wellness programs with measurable results.
  • Strategic nutrigenomic interventions based on your personal DNA profile.
  • The option to address multiple health goals as part of your program.
  • Programs that are easy to implement and maintain.

Why Fitgenes?

The Fitgenes philosophy is that by knowing a person's genetic predispositions with regard to fitness, health and nutrition, combined with health and risk assessment by The Bradford Clinic we can deliver personalised, strategic health and wellness programs designed to help patients maximise their health potential.

An Easy Three Step Process

  1. Book a consultation with The Bradford Clinic and complete a simple, non-invasive saliva sample.  From you sample is sent to the laboratory to profile genes that influence your health and well-being.  The results are then returned to your practitioner, typically within 15-18 days.
  2. Once received, your practitioner will analyze your genetic profile using Fitgenes proprietary tools and resources to design a personalised program of exercise,  nutrition and lifestyle choices and work with you to achieve your desired health outcomes.

We Respect Your Privacy

Fitgenes applies a process of 'de-identified' personalised profiling.  This means once your DNA profile is submitted, all of your personal details are extracted priort o being sent to the laboratory for testing.

When the results are returned we begin the process of designing your personalized Nutrigenomic program.

Photo by OJO Images/OJO Images / Getty Images
Photo by OJO Images/OJO Images / Getty Images