Iron Awareness Week

Did you know this week is Iron Awareness Week?

Red meat is an important protein source of iron and zinc, and the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 130g lean and cooked red meat every second day. This includes beef, lamb, pork, kangaroo, game and goat meat, and low sodium sausages.

Iron-rich foods are recommended from 6 months of age, for growth and development, and iron needs are higher in women during reproductive years, and athletes doing high impact and endurance sports.

Although your body most readily absorbs the iron in red meat, it is also present in canned fish, pork, chicken, tofu and eggs. Some foods may be high in iron, however our bodies don’t absorb the iron in plant foods as well as they do in animal products, due to the different types of iron present.

To increase the amount of iron absorbed from plant foods, add a source of vitamin C to the meal, such as lemon juice, berries or tomato.

iron chart.png
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