Healthy Cholesterol-Lowering Breakfast


1/3 cup of rolled oats – preferably organic


A handful of berries – frozen or fresh

3 tablespoons of coconut cream/milk

½ apple, grated

A small handful of nuts, preferably almonds

2 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed (optional)


Follow manufacturer’s instructions to cook oats with water on the stove. If using frozen berries, add them during this process so they can thaw.

Pour oats into a breakfast bowl.  Add grated apple, fresh berries and coconut cream/milk and mix gently.

Top with chopped nuts (and flaxseed).


This is a lovely breakfast for cold mornings as it is very warming.  The oat fibre, the apple and the nuts especially almonds will reduce cholesterol levels.  The saturated fats in the coconut will help to increase the good cholesterol levels but not the bad.

Flaxseed and nuts contain essential fatty acids.  Make sure they are fresh as rancid fats often contain transfatty acids, the bad fats.

This breakfast is also good for a healthy digestive system.  The oats, apples and nuts contain fibre for regularity.  The flaxseed also helps reduce constipation and the coconut cream/milk is an ideal food for our good gut bacteria.

The glucose index (GI) of the fruits and the cereal are significantly reduced by the good fats and proteins in the nuts, coconut cream/milk and the flaxseed.  So this breakfast should keep your energy levels up until lunch-time.

Oats contain gluten so they are contraindicated for celiac sufferers who can substitute quinoa.



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